Simulate large and realistic mobile data networks!
Telecom industry is growing every year. The importance of mobility and communication is becoming more and more crucial. This stresses telecom companies to maintain focus not only on existing services and offerings but also adjust and innovate in order to lead the competition. p-Trek testing suite will help you to operate, grow and run ahead with real network quality and performance.
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Flexibly simulate and test Diameter traffic!
p-Trek testing suite enables operators to perform flexible wide coverage functional and performance testing in time and cost-efficient way. p-Trek is an excellent choice in functionality rich networks when effort to test and operate solutions demand significant resources and time investments.
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We believe that pursuing innovation is one of the key elements of success.
For number of years PROFITO IT Ltd. engineers are witnessing and contributing to telecommunications market growth. Experience, knowledge, passion and team work enable us to deliver added value through all our endeavours. Highly skilled staff will help you to convert your ideas and innovations to the success stories.
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Powerful Real users. Large network. p-Trek Enterprise enables you to perform realistic and large scale simulations through the life cycle of your network. Flexible Your business. Our adaptation. p-Trek Standard provides options rich flexibility in the simulation process through development, integration and testing phases. Innovative Our work. Your merit. For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. Margaret Heffernan.
Versatile testing
Simply locate and solve problems in the earliest possible stage of your project development.
p-Trek protocol simulation and load generation suite can be easily integrated into your organization’s IT infrastructure and delivery processes. p-Trek helps you to perform functional and performance testing in time and cost-efficient way.
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About company

PROFITO IT Ltd. activities are focused on software and solution development for telecom service providers. To achieve future aims, we use our knowledge and skills, including the pursuit of profit improvement and technology solutions. Our company specializes in implementation of telecommunication solutions, together with foreign partners.

Once a small team grew into large group of engineers who acquired lots of experience through the period of mobile data usage explosion. Our experience lies in:


- mobile data charging;

- policy control;

- passive mediation;

- WiFi offload;

- VoLTE;

- roaming controls.

Elements, enabling the company to develop selected areas are continuous process improvement, learning and each employee's self-improvement.

Objectives of the PROFITO IT:

team of Professionals
We provide our resources to carry on any development stage of your project.
By augmenting client’s existing staff, our team can contribute to one or many stages of a short or long-term project, bringing technical knowledge and practical experience to a team.
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