p-Trek Enterprise

p-Trek is highly flexible and customizable telecommunications oriented testing platform which enables to simulate wide range of protocols and interfaces through performance, functional and integration testing phases.
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Simulate large enterprise networks!

Single p-Trek can simulate up to 20 millions unique subscribers. Such ability lets you assess the real impact on your network after planned upgrades, patches or business rules changes.

Ensure quality and stability!

Take advantage of automated periodic end-to-end active testing of telecommunication networks, providers and value added services!

Take advantage of multi-diameter peer support!

Integrate variety of different Diameter protocols in order to simulate different network functions and number network elements within single test.


p-Trek can be easily configured to scale according operational, financial and functional customer requirements in order to satisfy even the most challenging situations!
Simulate. control. analyze.
Unmatched capabilities and flexibility
Intelligent and control-rich user interface provides industry leading performance testing capabilities through realistic real life scenarios.

Additional value

p-Trek Enterprise suites best for those who are continuously challenged by demand and pressure maintaining Diameter network stability, quality and sufficient capacity. With increasingly growing products complexity and number of Diameter based interfaces clear operator perception is required towards Diameter network functional stress and performance test infrastructure. Capability to simulate up to 20 millions of active subscribers enables operators to verify and gain trust of their Diameter networks.
Realistic unique users simulation Simulate large scale networks and reflect desired traffic patterns of the individual subscribers.
User prameters framework p-Trek provides flexible configuration capabilities defining values for the test messages.
Diameter protocol support Enable simulation of any Diameter based protocols in compliance with RFC6733 specification.
Multiple diameter peer support Integrate and communicate with multiple network elements at the same time using Diameter protocol.
Command Line interface Automate, control, execute your periodic quality assurance, regression and performance testing activities.
Customizable Real-time Performance statistics Observe and react as it happens. Real time insights undoubtedly helps you to understand performance and stability of your network elements.
Statistics logging Store desired statistical and KPI's information of the test execution for further analysis.
Diameter peer Logging Capture Diameter level communication for deep dive analysis and troubleshooting.
Variety of supported protocols Enable yourself to enrich your testing while using wide range non-Diameter based protocols like SOAP, RADIUS, HTTP, FTP and etc.
Scripting support With basic coding skills and JavaScript language you can write your own code to populate parameters.
Traffic model Configure once, run everywhere. Single file based traffic model enables you to share and colloborate with the team in order to achieve higher productivity.
Orchestration Merge and unify different protocols behaviour for single goal in order to simulate complex scenarios of your business model.

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Below we provide 3 plans that are designed to suit your convenience. Although you are always welcome to discuss special requirements or build your own plan. And if you are not sure what plan is the best for you, please, contact our friendly team to discuss!

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