p-Trek Standard

Finally you have a possibility to make simulation with realistic users and configure your testing based on your needs to get what and only you really expect!
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Test with realistic users!

With realtime configurable user count, activation and deactivation rate you can stress your network and identify performance bottlenecks via functionally rich wide coverage performance test.

Use advantage of multi-protocols support!

p-Trek stands for – Protocol Trek. Cross protocols data and messages correlation provides capability to simulate even most complex scenarios demanded.

Configure once, run everywhere!

Same models are reused across multiple delivery cycle stages, starting with the solution development activities and finishing with periodic operational regression and Quality Assurance (QA) testing.

Reduce time to market!

p-Trek, which is a fully GUI based testing software with automation capabilities, helps identify problematic area quickly and also significantly reduces programmer's and tester's time demand by periodically repeating regression testing tasks in compare with the manual testing.
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Flexibility. variety. automation.
With great power comes great results
Save time and improve your productivity with variety of p-Trek features through simulation of most complex scenarios in protocol and interface level.

Additional value

p-Trek Enterprise is dedicated for those who needs more than competitors offer. Designed to support millions of Diameter based users simulation, customize values of parameters p-Trek Enterprise is focused on various tools to analyze your testing. You will get not only flexible configuration capabilities but also a convenient way to analyse test results. And even much more!
User prameters framework p-Trek provides flexible configuration capabilities defining values for the test messages.
AAA server p-Trek has own in-built AAA server to respond on Authentication, Authorization and Accounting requests.
Variety of supported protocols Enable yourself to enrich your testing while using wide range non-Diameter based protocols like SOAP, RADIUS, HTTP, FTP and etc.
Scripting support With basic coding skills and JavaScript language you can write your own code to populate parameters.
Realistic unique users simulation Simulate large scale networks and reflect desired traffic patterns of the individual subscribers.
Traffic model support Configure once, run everywhere. Single file based traffic model enables you to share and colloborate with the team in order to achieve higher productivity.
Diameter messages analysis GUI capability lets review contents of requests and responses between diameter nodes. This makes analytical, development and testing tasks even more effective.
Diameter peer server Testcase involves RAR’s p-Trek’s Diameter peer server can be configured to provide desired responses.
Command line interface Automate, control, execute your periodic quality assurance, regression and performance testing activities.
Graphical User Interface Everyone can learn and use p-Trek! Commands do not need to be known or memorized - in our GUI everything is simplified to make testing smooth.
Test Suites support This add-on saves IT staff time spent on preparing specific test conditions, executing test, collecting traces and performing packet and AVP analysis.
Customizable Real-time Performance statistics Observe and react as it happens. Real time insights undoubtedly helps you to understand performance and stability of your network elements.

go for the best

Below we provide 3 plans that are designed to suit your convenience. Although you are always welcome to discuss special requirements or build your own plan. And if you are not sure what plan is the best for you, do not be afraid to ask for qoute - no obligation!

StudentFor education
BusinessFor professionals
DeveloperFor advanced
1 year
1 month
Software assurance
2 years
1 year
Online training
16 hours
4 hours
Mobile version transfer
Lifetime license
Access to user documentation
Access to FAQ
Access to all features

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